Java VS Javascript

Java and Javascript are two very popular programming languages, so what is the difference between the two? Differences between Java and Javascript Readers can google and find out more about the two languages. To be honest, it is difficult to distinguish from the characteristics of language. The application scenarios of these two languages are different, …

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PHP try catch

Try to execute some code and catch the error which the code thrown. It is also called error handling. try-catch Block The Example of try-catch Block You can download all the code here: bruce-lab/php-try-catch

PHP String Replace function str_replace Definition and Example

php string replace str_replace is a function that help us replace all occurrences of the search string with the replacement string. The Definition of String Replace function str_replace This function returns a string or an array with all occurrences of search in subject replaced with the given replace value. If you do not need fancy replacing rules …

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