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I always wanted to write down my experience in the IT industry, hoping to be helpful to later people. On the one hand, it is a matter of time; on the other hand, it takes a lot of effort to organize blog content or video content.

Personally reorganize and plan the work of personal blogs, starting with some basic content, I hope it can help everyone.

When we want to learn programming, the first thing to think of is the local environment, followed by the code editor.

A good code editor can increase your work efficiency many times.

The code editors listed below are in no particular order. You can take a moment to try them out separately to determine which code editor is suitable for you.

Universal Editor-Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is not Visual Studio. Students who are indistinguishable can look at the difference between Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.

Visual Studio is one of the most popular editors at present, suitable for almost any programming language, has a very rich plug-in market, and can be customized by a large amount.

If these are not enough for you, you can even write a plug-in for Visual Studio Code to suit your business needs.

The reason why Visual Studio Code is so popular is that it is free + active community.

Visual Studio Code is developed on the basis of Electron. Perhaps one day you will also use Electron to develop a cross-platform desktop application.

Visual Studio Code official download portal.

Personal favorite – IntelliJ family bucket

IntelliJ is the code editor I currently use. Individuals prefer IntelliJ because some functions used by individuals really surpass Visual Studio Code. For example, code hinting and auto-complete. Of course, everyone has every one’s needs and hobbies, this is just my preference. Interested students can try it for themselves.

The following is my experience with IntelliJ family bucket.

I use IntelliJ Idea when writing Java applications.

PhpStorm will be used when writing PHP projects. I love Phpstorm, becuase it’s the best php code editor for me.

Pycharm is used when writing Python projects. You will know whichi is the best code editor for python.

Webstorm is used when writing Chrome plugins. I will vote Webstorm of the best code editor for javascript.

Of course, Visual Studio Code is also indispensable for me. He is my second editor. You can use Visual Studio Code as a supplement while opening IntelliJ.

An IDE that is essential for people doing Android development: Android Studio, Android Studio is an editor developed on the basis of IntelliJ IDEA.

The only disadvantage of IntelliJ for those who are new to programming is: IntelliJ family bucket is charged.

Front-end favorite – Atom

The Atom editor is a well-known code editor from Github, which is excellent in plug-in.

Individuals use more when developing cross-platform mobile applications based on React Native, and some of the front-end work will also use Atom.

Atom official portal.

Once Crazy – Sublime Text

Once upon a time, Sublime Text was the first choice for editing any code and text files. Over the years, with the rise of other editors, Sublime’s share has also been eroded by other code editors. But it does not prevent Sublime from being a very good code and text editor.

I think it’s the best text editor for me now.

Sublime Text official portal.

The inescapable spell – Xcode

Xcode does not need to be introduced, the famous editor under the Apple system is powerful. If you don’t use something similar to React Native to do some mobile projects, then you need Xcdoe to write some native applications.

I started to contact Xcode in 2011, and now I have a relatively low chance of using it. Because native projects do less.

Xcode is essential for students who want to develop projects based on the Apple Store or App Store. Xcode is the best code editor for mac.

Xcode official portal.

Let you have no choice – Visual Studio

If you want to develop Windows applications, then Visual Studio is your second choice in addition to Visual Studio Code. This editor, like Xcode, is based on its own platform and is powerful enough to make you point your finger.

Visual Studio is divided into a paid version and a community version. If you learn, the community version is enough.

Visual Studio is the best code editor for windows.

Official portal of Visual Studio.

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