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After we wrote 8 Best Laptops for Programming in 2020, lots of friends are asking us: which is the best keyword for programming?

If you are looking for the same question, it’s the right place for you.

What are the best keyboard for programming?

As a veteran with 10 years of programming experience, I think that a suitable keyboard needs to meet the following indicators. This is very important. For programmers, just like their wives, you need to choose carefully.

  • Height is suitable for hand shape.
  • Soft keycap.
  • Short key travel
  • Durable use

If a keyboard has a suitable height, it will greatly reduce the burden on your hands. Otherwise, your hands will feel uncomfortable because they are placed for a long time. If your keyboard can be adjusted in height, that’s even better. You can adjust the inclination angle suitable for the keyboard, and suit your hand shape.

The soft keycap will protect your fingers. It won’t make your fingers hurt by repeatedly tapping on the keyboard. I used to hit the keyboard too much and my fingers hurt. This kind of pain is difficult to treat with medicine and can only rest.

Short keystroke means that the keyboard is more sensitive and you do n’t need to press too much distance. This will save you every keyboard stroke.

Durable use will increase the life of your keyboard without being damaged by long-term programming.

Based on the above information, I will introduce the keyboard I have used to you for your reference when buying the keyboard.

Apple Magic Keyboard for Programming


I will give a 5-star review of the Apple magic keyboard. I have been using this keyboard for 5 years and there is no damage. The keyboard is very comfortable when hit, suitable for my hand shape.

It meets all the indicators of my keyboard purchase.

  • Suitable height for my hand shape.
  • Soft keycap.
  • Short key travel
  • Durable use

Thinkpad Keyboard for Programming


Well, I used the ThinkPad keyboard for several years. It’s a good keyboard for me. I used to love it. But the shift key was easy to broken for too many hits. I prefer thinkpad this smaller keyboard. Of course, the larger version is also good

Thinkpad is the faith of our generation. We love all the series of Thinkpad.

Logitech Keyboard for Programming


Logitech is another keyboard brand I tried. Excellent workmanship and good innovations have deeply attracted me. For this, I purchased a Logitech keyboard.

If you are a long-time office worker, I would suggest that you consider Logitech keyboard.

As for the keyboards of other brands, I have not used them, nor do I know the quality, whether it is suitable for programming, so I do not make any comments.

But if you want to try the other keyboard brands, I will suggest the following keyboard for reference.

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