The Difference Between Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code

For many beginners, Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code seem to be just one word short, and they are not clear. However, the difference in a word is very different in function.

What is the difference between the two code editors?

Visual Studio

Visual Studio is a very powerful IDE (Integrated Development Environment) of Microsoft, also known as the integrated development environment.

  • It is a very heavyweight integrated development environment on the Microsoft platform.
  • It provides support for C #, VB, C ++ and other languages ​​suitable for development on the Windows platform by default. And the default development of .Net Framework, the runtime environment of various software on the Windows platform.
  • It also includes the function of a code editor, which can do very powerful functions such as code prompt, jump, and definition.
  • It also provides a development website (Web Application).
  • It provides very powerful functions such as compilation, debugging, release, and warehouse.

If you choose to develop software on the Windows platform, then Visual Studio is a must-have tool. Its community version is free, but its functions will be limited.

Visual Studio Code

The starting point of Visual Studio Code is the editor. It can edit text, but most importantly, it can edit code.

  • It is a very lightweight code editor.
  • It’s completely free.
  • It has a very strong community.
  • It can install various plug-ins, covering almost all aspects. With the support of various plug-ins, it can achieve most of the functions of Visual Studio. Many of the functions provided by the plug-in are not even achieved by Visual Studio.
  • It can even install various themes, and you can set it to your liking.

If you are not developing software for the Windows platform, Visual Studio Code is preferred. It’s powerful to make you point out. Visual Studio Code is now the hottest code editor, and you can do almost everything you need to do on it.

Visual Studio Code is developed based on Electron Framework. Its main competitors are code editors such as Sublime Text and Atom.

Beginners can choose according to their needs. If you have any questions, you can leave us a message.

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